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    Finca Fuente Techada
    Camino de Santo Domingo s/n
    Sotosalbos 40170

    About 2 km from Sotosalbos.

    t. (+34) 921 062 040
    m. (+34) 686 965434 – Cristina
    m. (+34) 619 651865 – Alejandro


    1. Enter the village and immediately after you pass the restaurant El Portón turn left, then left again, following the arrow for the parking area, a sort of square where there’s another restaurant.

    2. You then enter a road. Keep going, with the church tower and village always on your right. You pass over three speed controls on the ground – keep going. (DO NOT take an asphalt road with properties to the right). After several metres follow a curve to the right bordered by a stone wall.

    3. After taking the right curve (NOT going straight toward a light pole and cattle fence), keep going and you’ll soon see two stone houses on your right.

    4. Several curves follow. Go slowly. You’ll pass through an iron cattle fence.

    5. Keep going straight. Ignore a path to the right.

    6. 4-way crossroads. Keep going straight!

    7. 200 metres from the crossroads, you’ll come to a grey stone wall with a gate on your left. Facing that gate, on your right, is a boundary stone and a grey pebble path leading to the estate. Turn in and keep going.

    8. You’ve arrived! There’s a grey iron gate and a stone wall. Call and come on in. You can now park.


    If you have any problem getting here, please call us for help!